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Teslong NTG500 bore scope

TESLONG NTG500 firearm bore scope system

Teslong NTG500 rifle / pistol bore scope  system.


View inside your rifle barrel, take still pictures and video.


The NTG500 has a long flexible camera to inspect firearm barrels.

5 mirrors are included for barrels of 22 caliber and larger.

Cables are included to connect the camera to the display or

connect the camera to an android phone or laptop

via a USB connection.


The NTG500 has a 5 inch high resolution display.


The camera and display are powered by internal lithium

rechargeable batteries.

The system can be charged via a standard USB connector.

We also have an optional Australian approved type power

charger to suit thesystem which can be ordered separately.


These Teslong cameras have become standard equipment

for gunsmiths and shooting enthusiasts that want to clean

rifles carefully and want to gain a better understanding of

gun barrels and accurate shooting.


We can also supply other cameras to suit this display

including cameras with a short length for pistols and

inspection of muzzle and chamber areas of the rifle barrel.

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