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Teslong NTG100P pistol borescope gunsmith

TESLONG NTG100P pistol bore scope system

Teslong NTG100P pistol bore scope system.


View inside your pistol barrel, take still pictures and video.


The NTG100P has a rigid camera to inspect pistol barrels.

3 mirrors are included for barrels of 22 caliber and larger.

(All mirrors are 22 cal size.)

Cables are included to connect the camera to an android phone or laptop

via a USB connection.


This short rigid camera is also perfect to view the chamber and muzzle area of 

rifle barrels and its short size makes it very convenient to use.


These Teslong cameras have become standard equipment

for gunsmiths and shooting enthusiasts that want to clean

rifles carefully and want to gain a better understanding of

gun barrels and accurate shooting.


This camera gives the same excellent image quality as the more

expensive Teslong models but has no display.

You need to connect it to a Android phone or Windows laptop

and will need to install an app on your phone.

A link to the app is included in the kit. You can download it for free. 


We have an optional mirror set that is a useful addition to the

camera if you are viewing barrels with larger bores.

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