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Triebel Neck sizing die 223 remington

Reloading Benchrest Neck Sizing Die, 223 Remington, TRIEBEL GERMANY

TRIEBEL GERMANY Neck Sizing Die for
223 Remington.

This is a benchrest neck sizing die for when

you need the highest precision.

Look at the pictures and see the advanced

construction of this die!


Triebel reloading dies are designed to give

you optimum precision and concentricity in

your finished cartridge.

These are quality designed to last a lifetime.


This die has the standard 6.20mm neck sizing

bushing however other sizes are also available

as optional extra items.


Please see the youtube video about Triebel reloading dies.


  • 6.20mm bushing.
  • Standard 7/8in thread size.
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