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PISTOL Bore Scope for Gunsmith, Pistol detail inspection.

PISTOL Bore Scope for Gunsmith, Pistol detail inspection.

Ozzistraightshooter PISTOL Barrel Bore-scope 180


At last a Bore-scope especially designed to inspect PISTOL's at an affordable price!
Convenient length and angled eyepiece makes checking pistol barrels easy.
Check for barrel leading and ensure your barrel is clean.
Also very convenient for checking muzzle crown of rifles or pistols.
Scope tube is only 4.5mm in diameter and easily fits down a .22 cal barrel.
High performance Japanese optical fiber bundle with 7000 fibers give great clarity in the tiny diameter.
This bore-scope allows the shooter to examine the interior surface of the barrel.
You can see rust, wear, pitting, dirt and powder fouling, copper fouling and much more.
Now you can clean your pistol and see the results.
Also useful for examining tool marks around the chamber area and even for viewing inside cartridge cases.
This Bore-scope is complete with rotating mirror tube allowing examination of the barrel wall as well as the forward looking view from the main scope tube.
The optical tube is 180 mm long (7 inches).
A single AA battery powers the illumination system.
The strong plastic carry case protects the instrument when not in use.
Quality manufactured with 12 months warranty.
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