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O-Ring Jag, Cleaning Kit, 12 Gauge.

O-Ring Jag, Cleaning Kit, 12 Gauge.

12 Gauge O-Ring Cleaning Jag, Heavy Duty Cleaning Brush, Flannel cotton Cleaning Patches for Shotgun.

Fits 12 Gauge shotgun barrels.

Standard 5/16-27 shotgun cleaning rod thread.

The O-Ring Jag is the best cleaning jag available to clean hard to remove deposits in your barrel.

Use with bore paste to clean away fouling and scuff marks.

The O-rings exert pressure on the patch pushing it hard and evenly against the barrel walls.

The top quality brush is heavy duty to scrub built up lead and carbon fouling.

100 round patches are included in the kit. 

Ideal to really get your barrel clean and perfect to use with our bore cleaning paste.

Try and you will be surprised at the fouling this will remove from your barrel.

OZZISTRAIGHTSHOOTER bore cleaning paste works very well with these jags and will

remove carbon fouling.

See YouTube video showing the effectiveness of the O-Ring Jag

Made in USA.

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