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.22 carbon fiber pistol cleaning kit

Handgun Cleaning Kit for .22 , CARBON FIBER for pistols, barrels up to 10 inch

Handgun Cleaning Kit for .22 Caliber,

CARBON FIBER 10 inch rod.

Designed for barrels up to 10 inches.

5mm  diameter rod is Suitable for 22 caliber

and up with 8-32 thread.


Complete with 

.22 Bronze Brush

.22 Nylon Brush

.22 Cotton Mop

.22 Brass Jag

100 patches.


Also great to clean the chamber and muzzle area of rifles 

Super ridged and light weight Carbon Fiber rod.

Ball bearings in handle.

Rotating shaft allows brush or jag to follow rifling.

10 inch length suitable for most revolvers, and long barrel autos.

Easy to use and ideal to really get your barrel clean.

Standard 8-32 female thread suits most jags and brushes.

See our range of O-Ring Jags and Bore Paste to suit this rod.

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