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Firearms Bore Inspection Camera with hand held display unit

Firearms Bore Inspection Camera with hand held display unit

Industek  Firearms Bore Inspection Camera with hand held display unit, 90 degree.

for 22 Cal and bigger barrels.

The AUPRO-90 is a high performance industrial endoscope with a 5-inch high

definition colorLCD display. lt is ergonomically designed so that the main functional

buttons can be controlled with one hand.  Snapshot and recording functions are

supported, photos and videos can be saved to a memory card (Micro-SD card).

This display unit integrates high-brightness illumination, backlight display, buttons

and auxiliary LED lights for the camera probe, so that the product can be used

normally even in dark environments.

The built-in 3500mAh rechargeable lithium battery allows 4 hours of continuous


The camera probe is detachable, the standard cable is 900mm long and is semi

flexible so it can be easily inserted into a gun barrel.


This bore scope has a high performance 1 megapixel miniature sensor that

gives amazing detailed views of the barrel interior.

6x adjustable brightness LED's give powerful illumination for detailed


4x mirrors of different sizes are included to give you optimum vision of

different calibers.

Please see the pictures and see for yourself the quality and detail that can be seen.

All pictures were taken by us with this Bore Scope.


The package contains:

1) Hand Held Colour Display Unit.

2) Flexible camera assembly with LED illuminated head.

3) Power adaptor (Australian approved design).

4) USB Download / Charging cable.

5) Lightweight protective carry case.

6) Instruction sheet.

7) 4 piece mirror set for different calibers.

The flexible cable is 900mm long which is enough to pass completely

through most barrels.

This camera is for fine examination of small areas of the barrel.


12 months warranty.

Do not push through oily barrels as the optics will be difficult to clean.

This camera has a 1280x720 pixel sensor.

This camera has a semi-flexible cable.


Please have a look at the YouTube video on the rusty barrel inspection to

see this camera in action.


Please note that now the 90 degree mirror set is included at no extra charge.

Perfect to inspect large caliber barrels.


Optional ridged cameras are available for Rifle and Pistol examination that plug

into our hand held display unit giving an even greater range of inspection



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