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CZ452 American

CZ452 American rifle scope mounts, 3/8 inch dovetail, 1 inch rings and bases.

Scope mounts for CZ452 American with

3/8 inch dovetail. 2 piece, 1 inch rings.

All steel base and ring set to suit CZ452 American rifles

with 3/8 inch receiver dovetail width.

Note that European spec CZ rifles measure the dovetail

width across the wide top section. CZ American rifles

measure 3/8 inch at the narrow part of the dovetail.

Rings are nicely contoured with a slim rounded surface

for a more attractive appearance. 4x Allen head

screws secure each ring.

2-piece design. Attractive MATTE blued steel finish.

Rings suit 1 inch  scope tube.

Ring height measured from bottom of scope tube to

top of receiver is approximately 14mm.


Made in the Czech Republic. 


Please watch the YouTube video showing scope mounting

options on the CZ452 / BRNO #2.

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