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Bore Scope 90 degree mirror set for AUPRO-90.

Bore Scope 90 degree mirror set for AUPRO-90.

Industek  Firearms Bore Inspection Camera 90 degree mirror set

The AUPRO-90 Bore Scope can be enhanced with the addition of this 4 mirror set.

NOTE: This mirror set is included free of charge with Ozzistraightshooter bore scopes. You don't need to order this separately.

The standard mirror is perfect for small bore barrels but for larger barrels you can get a wider

field of view with larger mirrors.

The set contains 

1 standard 5mm diameter mirror.

1 x 7.0mm diameter mirror that is ideal for looking down 30 Caliber barrels.

1 x 8.5mm diameter mirror that is great for 9mm and .357 pistol barrels.

1 x 12 mm diameter mirror that can be used in shotguns or large bore rifles and pistols, great for

black powder guns.


12 months warranty.

Do not push through oily barrels as the optics will be difficult to clean.

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