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Rifle adjustable butt pad

Adjustable recoil pad for rifle butt. Soft rubber pad made by CZ.

TACTICAL EVO Adjustable recoil pad assembly.

The universal adjustable recoil pad mechanism is designed

for all types of stocks. The adjustable mechanism of the recoil

pad was developed with regard to the needs of shooters to

easily and quickly change its settings.

Rubber pad is included and is made by CZ.

Parts are made from high gade Aluminium alloy.

The great advantage of our adjustable mechanics is its

versatility, modifiability, small dimensions and low weight.

The height adjustment is changed using a proven solution,

which we also use on our bipods. Simply release the lever

and move the recoil pad to the required position up or down.


  • Height 120mm (4,724 in)
  • Drive width 20mm (0.787 in)
  • Width, including locking lever 35mm (1,377 in)
  • Depth 17 mm (0.669 in)
  • movement up or down + - 40mm (7,574 in)
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