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Riflescope 5-30x56 FFP 34mm tube MIL adjustments

5-30x56 Tactical scope FFP, MIL adjustments, 34mm tube. ED Glass.

5-30x56 Front Focal Plane scope.  ED Glass.

Mil reticle with Mil elevation and windage

34mm tube with 1 piece construction.

1/10 Mil clicks for elevation and windage

Scopes are tested with impact of over 1000g's.


This scope is exceptional value for money and out performes many of the well known brands.

Where can you find a scope like this for under $1000?


*Superior optics offer the ultra-bright field of view and crispy-sharp image
* Illuminated First Focal Plane (FFP) reticle with mil reticle.
* 34mm one-piece tube offers extra light transmission and structural ruggedness
* Big zoom ratio covers medium to high power for extended range
* ZERO-STOP turrets for the convenient shift from medium to long-distance shooting
* Heavy duty design withstands heavy recoil of magnum cartridges.
* Waterproof and fog-proof to ensure performance in harsh weather conditions.


Eye Relief: 94mm and it remains constant throughout the zoom range.

Weight: 1100 grams

Adjustable illumination of the reticle.

Zero stop elevation turret. 10 Mils per turn.

45MOA basic elevation with turrets centered.

Windage also 10 Mils per turn


You can return this scope for a refund if you receive it

and it does not perform as well as we claim. 

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